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4 Must-Haves for your 2023 Marketing Plan


It’s never too late to make a plan for your marketing for 2023, and even if you have one, if it does not include these items, you might want to call an emergency meeting to make some adjustments.


According to The Business Owner’s Playbook by The Hartford, there are three categories of goals that you should have to reach and exceed your goals for 2023

  1. Increase sales of a particular product in a specific market or price range
  2. Extend or regain market share for an existing product or service
  3. Introduce a new product or product line.


Here are a few different ways you can achieve one or all of the above objectives using tangible, real, proven tactical PRINT.


  1. Events – From huge consumer shows to small intimate specialty conferences, you can’t stage an event without print. Signage, sponsorship acknowledgments, agendas, notebooks, and promotional items are but a few of the printed products that can help make your 2023 event a rousing success.
  2. Direct Mail – Here is one impactful way to think of the mailbox as an effective channel. A person receives upwards of 100 emails per day, according to this Earthweb article while a household receives just 2 pieces of marketing mail in their mailbox each day (Source: Compu-mail here Where do you want your message to be? Where do you think it will get the most attention and reaction?
  3.  Personalization – According to a recent article in Brand United, the youngest 2 generations, Gen Z and Millennials are MOST likely to interact with your mail piece. What does this mean? Giving them a personalized experience in their mailbox breeds loyalty and delivers a more customized experience.
  4. Promotional Products – if you want to give your brand a social lift to stay ahead of your competition, you can look no further than a promotional product or two. In a world where people tend to share every experience, they have with their world, why not give them something to share with their online communities? And, to be liked, trusted, and remembered, an item that ties into your brand could be just what you need.

The good news about all of the above concepts is that you do not have to be an expert, nor do you need to know exactly what you might need. Here at Brooks Litho, we live to talk to you about what you are trying to accomplish and help you find ways to use the power of print to get it done. Reach out whenever you are ready, and we will put our best ideas to work for you and your brand.

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