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Real Life Direct Mail Inspo from the World’s Biggest Brands

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We love to seek inspiration from the wider world, and this month, we are celebrating all things direct mail. To that end, we are highlighting 5 super cool examples of direct mail from some of the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands.


Enjoy these direct mail examples!



  1. IKEA’s “Fill in the Box” Campaign: IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant, created a unique direct mail campaign to promote their storage solutions. Recipients received a cardboard box with a message inviting them to “Fill in the Box.” The box was designed to fit various items like clothes, toys, and household items. It encouraged people to declutter their homes and visit IKEA for storage solutions, providing a memorable and interactive experience. You can check it out here
  2. Spotify’s Personalized Year in Review: To engage their users, Spotify launched a direct mail campaign that personalized each recipient’s “Year in Music.” Using data from their streaming history, Spotify created customized infographics highlighting the user’s most-played songs, genres, and artists. The personalized mailers were sent to subscribers, generating a sense of nostalgia and connection to the brand.



  1. McDonald’s Foldable Tray Billboard: McDonald’s Brazil created an innovative direct mail campaign targeting students. They sent out a direct mailer that resembled a regular McDonald’s tray. However, when folded, it transformed into a smartphone amplifier, allowing recipients to watch videos hands-free. The campaign showcased McDonald’s commitment to innovation and engaged the tech-savvy student demographic.
  2. National Geographic’s Binoculars: National Geographic wanted to promote their wildlife photography competition. They sent out direct mailers that resembled binoculars. Recipients could look through the mailer and experience a glimpse of the breathtaking nature photography featured in the competition. The unique design and interactive nature of the campaign created a memorable and immersive experience.
  3. Volkswagen’s “Stop Dreaming. Start Driving” Campaign: Volkswagen launched a direct mail campaign targeting potential car buyers. They sent out a direct mailer that resembled a steering wheel. When recipients turned the wheel, they could feel the sensation of driving through small vibrations and the sound of a car engine. The campaign aimed to evoke emotions and excitement, encouraging recipients to test drive a Volkswagen.

These examples highlight the creativity and effectiveness of direct mail marketing. By thinking outside the box and leveraging unique concepts, brands can create memorable experiences that drive engagement, generate brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty. To get creative and leverage the power of direct mail, get in touch with us today.


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