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Personalization is a Key to Crushing Direct Mail Success in 2022


Raise your hand if you love getting mail!

We do, we do!

Now imagine how much MORE you enjoy that piece of mail if it is speaking DIRECTLY to you.

Sure, it’s great to get a letter from Grandma in the mail with a recipe, a comic strip clipping (remember those? – Ziggy was our favorite!) and a crisp $5 bill.

And it is ALSO great to get a piece from a trusted brand with an offer and language that is specifically targeted to your needs and wants.

And THAT, my friends, is what personalized direct mail can do for you and your brand, and it can deepen and strengthen your relationship with YOUR trusted customers and prospects.

And here’s WHY.

According to our friends at Baesman in Ohio, “Effective personalization goes beyond simply knowing customers by name. It also means leveraging data on demographics and purchasing behavior to customize promotional offers, market unique content, and even modify pricing to connect more effectively with each of your customers.” (“How to Implement an Effective Personalized Direct Mail …”) You can read the full article here.

So, let’s look at three reasons to use a more personalized approach the next time you want to use direct mail to achieve your goals.

  • It’s, well, more PERSONAL. Response rates on a piece that used ONLY the recipient’s name can raise response rates as high as 135% over a static direct mail piece. In fact, marketers report seeing a sales increase of 56% when they use personalization in direct mail.
  • It’s not as expensive as you think. An expert partner (like, ahem, US) can help you assess your strategy and find ways to change formats, utilize a different size, or switch stocks to save money at the post office. Many marketers are spending more than they need to simply because they are unaware of their options. Do not let this happen to you!
  • It works as well for landing new customers as it does for keeping loyal ones. So, whether you are in growth mode and looking to snag new customers, or you are in nurture mode seeking to keep your treasured existing customers around for the long haul, direct mail that is personalized will help you win the day.
  • When it comes to personalized direct mail, it’s no longer about UNIT cost–it’s all about ROI (Return on Investment) that counts. After all, what savvy marketer wouldn’t agree to pay a little more for a considerably higher response rate and increased sales all resulting in higher revenues and greater profitability. There are numerous case studies and an abundance of success stories out there–why not be one of them?


Here is the takeaway. Static direct mail is SO early 2000’s. Embrace the possibilities of personalizing your direct mail and deepening your client experience. Find someone who knows what they are doing.

Spoiler Alert.

It’s Brooks Litho. Us. We can help.

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