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5 Reasons to Use Dimensional Mailers

Before we get to the reasons you might use a dimensional mailer, we realize we probably need to tell you what dimensional mail actually is. Sound good?




So, what are dimensional mailers *?

Dimensional mailers are not flat like other traditional mail pieces. Dimensional mail shapes include tubes, boxes, spheres, and other unique formats. This type of mail has much higher response rates compared to traditional mailing.


Do you want the good news or the better news?

The good news is, at Brooks Litho, dimensional mail is one of our JAMS. We love dimensional mail projects, and we are good at it.

The even better news? Brooks Litho is a virtual idea factory when it comes to using dimensional mail to help you leverage graphics to advance your brand.


So, let’s look at just a few of the reasons that you might consider adding a dimensional mail project or two to your repertoire.


  1. Promote a new product launch – Let’s say you have a new product coming on the market, and you have a list of preferred customers that you want to make sure are the first to know about it. A dimensional mail piece is a great way to stand out and get noticed. Sure, they can be significantly more expensive per piece as compared to a flat piece of direct mail, but with response rates ranging from 5% from cold leads in the consumer space to nearly 20% in the B2B space, it is hard to argue against those numbers
  2. Wow with an invitation. Let’s say you have a big gala event coming up, and you have a list of VIPs that you really NEED to be there. Or an elite list of prospective students that you want to accept YOUR acceptance letter. You can use dimensional mail to make big impact.
  3. Make impact for sales with a package that helps get appointments – With a super targeted suspect list, you can make a big splash with someone who’s attention you have been trying to grab with the usual sales tools like email, the phone and social media. A dimensional package can give you the WOW factor you need in your sales process to get them to respond to you.
  4. Increase employee engagement – In today’s hyper competitive job market, what better way to say “You matter” to employees than through a care package. Especially now that some or all of your employees might be working remotely, it is a great way to stay connected.
  5. Skyrocket your ROI. As mentioned above, response rates using dimensional mail are through the roof as compared to more traditional methods. We are not suggesting using them for everything, but used strategically, they can bring you results you have only dreamed of.

Get to know more about how dimensional mail might help you make your dreams come true by reaching out to a trusted source today.

We are full of ideas and cannot wait to help you on your journey of memorability, impact and results.

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