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Promotional Products Produce Pleasing Positive Payoffs

promotional products produce positively pleasing payoffs



If you’ve been following us on the socials at all, you know that we are talking ‘bout promotional products and why they pretty much rule.


Promotional products have come a long way from stress balls and notepads. If you haven’t taken a look at promo lately, please consider these reasons you may want to have a conversation about how to leverage these items to strengthen your brand, improve your relationships, and score some wicked points in the customer relations category.

And, don’t forget that anything you do to WOW your customers can also be used to surprise and delight your workforce as well. It’s a win/win for the ages.


Instant recognition of your brand

Having a customer or prospective customer spot and recognize your logo is the pinnacle of brand identity. Promotional products can help keep you and your brand top of mind, which is especially key if that recall can aid in influencing a buying decision.


Marketing dollars are precious, and the decision as to how to allocate resources can be tough. Digital marketing might seem like a great idea, and it is, and deciding to diversify is a great way to ensure that all your bases are covered. Promo items can be a very low-cost way to prove value, and provide people with something tangible that they can actually use and enjoy.


Promotional products tend to be highly effective because they show thoughtfulness and because most people love receiving things for free. That is why these types of products usually empower organizations to make a positive first impression when they first start working with a new client.


In a world where people are being marketed to thousands of times per day, cutting through all the noise can be tough. You are competing with TV, billboards, other signage, digital marketing, direct mail, mobile and social media. Arguably promo is a great differentiator with a lower cost and higher usage rate.



With the right promotional item, a business introduces its brand and message to anyone that holds it. Promotional products act as business cards in today’s modern world. Yet, they are often much more effective and memorable than a traditional business card. One of the main reasons is because a promo item can be used; it serves a purpose.


The most successful companies tend to all have one thing in common. They have tremendous loyalty amongst their target customer base. By providing thoughtful promotional products that help your customers in some small way overcome a challenge in their life, it will be much easier for your company to foster loyalty. Through this high level of customer loyalty, customer retention rates can increase, generating more elevated amounts of long-term revenue and growth.

We know promo. We love promo. We know how to leverage promo to reach and exceed your goals. let’s talk about it.Print Collateral Management

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