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Luxury Brands are Using Print to Crush Their Goals

luxury brands use print

Every consumer on the planet today is bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day. The vast majority of which are digital in nature: smartphones, email, and social media feed. A much smaller number of those messages continue to be sent via the more traditional and effective channels. Print is one of them.

It is no surprise that luxury brands understand that to remain engaged with their loyal audiences, they must adopt an omnichannel approach to their marketing communications.

Compelling reasons that brands choose to utilize print in their strategy include tangibility (you can FEEL print), emotion, and yes, even relaxation. Half of the millennials surveyed have reported that technology overload makes them feel stressed out, and 60% feel positive about receiving direct mail from the brands they love. Not everyone views print as simply junk mail.

What’s more interesting, if given a choice between having your message be one of the hundreds in an inbox or seven in a mailbox, luxury brands are recognizing the value of that ratio. Print means more eyes on the message. Emails have extremely low open rates and with the ever-increasing threat of ransomware attacks and data breaches, fewer and fewer emails are being opened and are simply deleted. That translates into thousands of messages getting scrolled through unseen, and with little to no impact. Conversely, 90% of direct mail gets opened.

Let’s take a look at some specific ways that luxury brands are using print today.

Direct Mail: According to Allan Nahajewski of D&A Creative Group, there are 3 reasons that brands use direct mail:

1. Targeting specific customers with laser focus

2. The high transaction value makes it less necessary to offset the expense

3. Access to more and better data. You can read the entire article in PrintMediaCentr here.

Signage: Whether it is pop-up shops, seasonal signage, or displaying at a luxury goods consumer show, wide format printing is a must to engage with customers and the greater world. Luxury brands understand that as well as anyone. Check out this link to see how we partner with world-class brands like HP and EFI Vutek to provide a range of solutions for any type of poster, signage, display, banner, or any other kind of large-format product to wow the world.

Influencer Kits and Packaging: An emerging phenomenon, we are just starting to learn about what it means to be an influencer, how brands leverage them, and what tools could help in that way. This video is a fantastic basic explanation of the influencer packaging market.

Even if your brand is not considered luxury, you have access to all of these tools to help you engage with your audience in a more meaningful way. The team here at Brooks would be honored to have a chat with you on some of the unique ways to help you explore using print to execute your strategy.


luxury brands use print

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