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Three Big Reasons to Use Direct Mail to Grow Your Business

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Whether you are starting up a brand new venture or are looking to grow through adding new products or acquiring new channels, you have a lot of choices to make when it comes to marketing your company. Your message is everything when it comes to differentiating yourself, and how that message lands is crucial. So, what should you try? Outdoor? TV? Digital marketing?  Sure, but let’s talk about why direct mail and the good old US Postal Service is a fantastic way to engage with your audiences.


Direct mail Prospecting

Can you imagine a world in which you have too many customers? Neither can we. At the top of the funnel, as you seek to engage with everyone who COULD be your customer. Using direct mail, you can use interest and behavioral data to create audience personas based on the data that you gather.



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direct mail Retargeting

Wouldn’t it be amazing if when someone comes to your website and then leaves, you could lure them back with a special offer? Great news!  That is exactly what direct mail re-targeting is! Programmatic triggers allow you to customize sends based on website activity and reengage with visitors using direct mail. You can also sync deployments with other social media channels and email as well for a fully omnichannel approach to keeping mid-funnel prospects closer to you and your brand.





There is a (now) old saying that it is easier to keep a loyal customer and sell more to them than to attract someone new. That is exactly what a direct mail retention strategy aims to do. You can use direct mail to incentivize repeat purchases and/or feature subscription models and loyalty programs. Keep those most loyal to you close by keeping in constant contact with offers and programs that keep them “addicted” to you and your brand.


Here is the bottom line. Between a choice of several hundred emails per day or constant social media scrolling, and a handful of tactile messages with 100% readership in a target’s mailbox, where do you want to be?


We vote for the mailbox. Every single time. Get noticed. Send direct mail.


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