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It’s Never Too Soon to Plan for the Holidays


Hello September and where the heck did summer go?



Even though you might begin dreaming of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and sweater weather, now might just be a great time to start thinking about your corporate holiday gift plan.


There have been some very exciting things happening in the promotional gift space, so we thought we would just familiarize you with a few of the options that you have, and WHO you could be thinking of when it comes to giving gifts.

So, let’s start with WHO.

Who are you looking to shower with thoughts, appreciation, and acknowledgement?

Clients, sure, and what about your employees and your vendors and partners? What better way to say thanks to your loyal staff, especially those that might now be working remotely?

Imagine a box. And in that box imagine branded items with your companies’ logo on it. Now imagine even more. Maybe there are some notepads, a desktop calendar with important 2023 dates and maybe even team member birthdays.

What goes in the box is only limited by your own imagination, combined with our expertise and idea team.

So come and dream with us. We can help you deliver surprise and delight to your team, your vendors, AND your clients.

Speaking of dreaming, Let’s talk about what is now possible.



Any kind printed item. Pop up cubes. Die cut stickers (all the rage with the kids these days) Coasters. Calendars.

You dream it, we can make it happen.

Need ideas? It’s what we do?

Let’s talk today about how we can help make this holiday season impactful and jolly for all those you care for.

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