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3 Tips for Starting a Cross Media Marketing Campaign

Would you like to grab the attention of potential clients? Increase the efficiency of your current marketing efforts? Cross Media Marketing may be what you are looking for.
Cross Media Marketing uses multiple media channels to increase the awareness of your company’s message and reach prospective customers where they are.

Navigating the world of cross media marketing can be difficult. Here are 3 tips for starting your campaign:

1. Target Your Audience

Before beginning your Cross Media Marketing campaign, it is important to identify your target audience. Why broadcast a general message to the entire population of consumers when you can send a more direct message to your chosen demographic? By figuring out who your prospect is and what they are already interested in you gain valuable information about how to market your company or product. Instead of targeting everyone you will be targeting a pre-qualified group of people that you know will want to listen to your message.

2. Keep Prospective Clients Engaged with the “Rule of Sevens”

The primary focus of a cross-media marketing campaign is to keep your company or product on your prospective customer’s mind at all times. To do this cross media marketing follows the “Rule of Sevens”, which is the belief that a consumer will need to see an advertisement at least seven times before they take action. Continuous and repetitive advertising with a direct and consistent message to your potential clients will help you reach your marketing goals.

3. Measure and Track Your Data

Track your reach and conversion rates to measure ROI (return on investment.)

  • Reach measures how many people your campaign is reaching on each of your selected channels.
  • Conversion rates measure how many of the people you have reached “convert” by becoming a new customer, making a purchase or taking another predetermined action.

Tracking your active campaigns gives you valuable information about what worked, what didn’t and what you can do in your next cross media marketing campaign to push your conversion rates even higher.

How does this all look in action? After realizing that your target audience reads a particular magazine and regularly uses Facebook, you may place a print ad in that magazine prompting readers to visit your Facebook page to claim a free sample of your new product. You might also send them a postcard in the mail that uses variable data printing to insert their name in the ad copy and that encourages them to visit your Facebook page.

Confused about how to get your Cross Media Marketing Campaign?

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