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Why Digital Printing Reduces Costs, While Increasing Impact

You’ve designed, printed and stored 10,000 new brochures. But in a single moment, the project turns into a complete nightmare after discovering it lacks an important marketing disclosure. All 10,000 pieces, along with your valuable marketing dollars, are headed into the recycling bin.

Digital print solves this problem.

While digital print is one of the most exciting advancements in the print industry, it’s also the most misunderstood. Most people believe that digital printing is merely an alternative to short run conventional offset printing, but it’s actually much more. The advancements have come a long way over the past two decades.

With this technology, you print only what you need – when you need it. Plus, there are other benefits that make digital print a worthwhile option.


When you personalize marketing pieces to individual recipients, a number of studies have shown the response rate is much higher. Digital printing allows you to easily include variable data into headlines, body text and even graphics. The piece is easily tailored to the recipient’s specific interests. And when a mail piece is directly targeted to a person’s interests, the piece is more likely to generate attention.

By doing this, you can leverage “one-to-one” marketing, because each piece has a slightly different message. When the right message is matched to the right recipient, your ROI is significantly impacted.

Quick Turnaround

No matter what industry, most companies require frequent updates to marketing materials. Frequent changes to short run conventionally printed materials are very expensive. As a result, rather than updating and reprinting, the tendency is to use outdated and inaccurate marketing materials. This could prove even more costly in the end by not conveying the correct pricing, specifications and other important information.

Digital marketing allows you to print small quantities of your materials quickly. This is helpful for last minute projects, like tradeshows, that require additional marketing materials or customized brochures.

Lower Cost, Less Waste

The setup costs associated with offset printing make the per piece cost very expensive for short runs. Since digital printing allows you to print only what you need, whether it’s 50 pieces or 50,000 pieces, you produce less waste and spend less over the long-term.

Since you’re no longer storing boxes of marketing materials, valuable space is also freed up.

Technology Advancements

For a long time, even with the cost benefits of using digital printing, many companies continued to use conventional offset because of concerns about quality. Since installing the very first Digital Offset Press on Long Island, Brooks Litho has continually updated its equipment to be able to provide only the highest quality and cutting edge technology available in the industry.

Today we use only HP Indigo equipment which still offers the highest resolution and prints with liquid toner as opposed to other digital presses that print at lower resolutions and use powdered toners.

If you have questions about the benefits of digital printing, we’re here to help. For more information, contact us online or call (631) 789-4500 today!