Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing can play a powerful role in a strategic marketing strategy—if it’s done right.

From meeting U.S. Postal Service (USPS) regulations to transcending the “junk mail” label, companies must overcome a variety of challenges to realize a return on their direct mail marketing investment.

At Brooks Litho and Digital Group, we offer full-service direct mail preparation services for addressed direct mail marketing campaigns. We have 30 years of experience doing design, mail prep and entry, and printing direct mail marketing assets. We create and mail brochures, booklets, postcards, letters, flyers, advertisements and more.

Our direct mail marketing professionals combine data-driven marketing with variable data printing to create engaging assets that deliver value—and a return on your investment. We help you localize and personalize assets based on customer data to ensure assets are relevant to your audience. In addition to the envelope and introduction, we can customize the recipient’s name, as well as the colors, pictures and graphics on your assets. We can also highlight your message and improve open-and-read rates by calling attention to your product, service, phone number, website, or reply method.

There are numerous reasons why the USPS deems a piece of mail undeliverable. These range from something as simple as a misspelled name to a misplaced fold. Our direct mail marketing professionals undergo the Mail Design Professional Course and Certification every two years to ensure that every piece we create adheres to postal regulations. We help you save on postage expenses by creating an asset that meets USPS design specifications. We also run your customer database through the national change of address database to ensure recipients’ mail addresses are accurate and written correctly, and we can serve as a liaison to the USPS on your behalf.

Maximize your impact

We can help you maximize your impact by complementing your direct mail marketing campaign with a complete strategic marketing strategy. Our direct mail marketing professionals can create a series of mailings for a full campaign that achieves consistency and generates a better response rate. We can also help you experiment with different offers by targeting different portions of your list.

When you work with Brooks Litho and Digital Group, you know exactly what works—and what doesn’t—with response and return on investment reporting. We track your mail through the USPS for delivery timing to targeted customers, and track their responses with coupons, reply cards, and personalized URLs.

To learn how Brooks Litho and Digital Group can help you with your direct mail marketing, call us today at (631) 789-4500 or contact us online for more information or an estimate.