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Increasing ROI with Variable Data Printing

Since the introduction of the printing press in 1440, Direct Mail Marketing has been an increasingly popular choice for advertisers and business owners hoping to connect with new markets and customers. For a very long time, it operated on a simple principle- send out a ton of advertisements in the hope that a portion will open them and want that product or service. This method has been depended on for centuries, mainly because it worked so well. Even if more than half of the recipients threw them out, the amount of positive responses and increased business usually more than covered the initial cost and brought in plenty of profit.

Revolutionizing Direct Mail

With the introduction of new technology, Direct Mail has changed drastically and become significantly more efficient. Digital and Variable Data Printing allow for a much greater level of customization between each ad and mailer within a campaign. Now, instead of sending the same page to a couple thousand people hoping a lot will respond, you can customize each piece for each customer. Customization options range from something simple like their name in the salutation to entirely targeted graphics and color schemes for each customer.

A personalized mailer gives you a huge advantage over standard direct mail as it piques a customer’s interest immediately. Just having something as simple as the customer’s name on the envelope could be crucial in their decision to either open or toss your mailer. A campaign that targets a customer directly, from different graphics that match their interests to varying layouts to match their style, will increase your response rate tremendously.

While e-mail campaigns can reach a great number of people instantly, most email services have comprehensive spam filters designed to specifically stop any solicitation. As a result, only about 10 percent of these emails are actually opened. Even though most people use email these days, studies show that about 98 percent of consumers still pick up their mail the day it’s delivered. This gives Direct Mail a distinct advantage in both reaching the customer as well as their actual response.

Where do I Start?

Variable Data Printing can be used for many applications, from billing statements to direct mail ad campaigns with great success. If you don’t know where to start, just call Brooks Litho today for more information. We have a team of experts ready to assist you with your campaign, whether your campaign is done and ready to print or if you need help from concept to finish. Contact Us through our website, or call (631)789-4500 today!