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Happy Earth Day!

On this very important holiday, Earth Day 2021, we here at the Brooks Litho family wanted to extend a warm greeting and let you know that Mother Earth is on our mind as much as it is probably on yours.

So our commitment to the environment extends to everything that we do EVERY DAY, and we keep learning more, doing more, and increasing our commitment.

And it’s much more than complying with local, state, and federal regulations regarding chemical disposal and waste mitigation. We recycle ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of our paper waste through a registered waste management organization.

And our partners are committed, too. Our paper merchants are all invested in sustainable resource organizations such as The FSC and SFI – Please click the links to learn more about the print industry and our commitment to sustainable forestry.

We are also well aware that EVERY technology has environmental impact. According to Two Sides North America, an independent non-profit committed to assessing the sustainability of the graphic arts, electronic communication, like print, has environmental impacts. E-waste can be toxic, is not biodegradable, and accumulates in soil, air, water and living things.

Today we have choices about how to consume information and how we use information. Whether you prefer an e-reader, a book, a printed magazine, or to read on social media, there are solutions to support you and your goals.

Know that the print and graphics industry are committed to keeping the promise that there will always be more trees today than there were 100 years ago.

Happy Earth Day to all our friends across the globe!