Variable Data Printing Services

Variable Data Printing on Long Island, New York

Customers are accustomed to receiving highly targeted, personal marketing emails in their inbox. But what about the messages in their mailbox?

Are these also relevant to your customers’ interest and needs, or do you send the identical asset to everyone on your mailing list? The level of personalization should be consistent across both your digital and print marketing channels.

By leveraging the data in your customer database, variable data printing allows you to personalize your print marketing just as you do your email. The result: targeted print assets that improve engagement and the return on your marketing investment.

Leverage customer data across your entire marketing strategy, including your print assets

Personalized salutations and mailing addresses are just the beginning. We use variable data printing to customize headlines, copy, color, backgrounds, images, or graphics. Cutting edge software leverages the customer demographic or behavioral data in your database to target variable elements and create a piece that reflects your customers’ interests. These shorter, more targeted print runs mean more relevant messaging and reduced printing costs. It all adds up to a higher ROI.

But that’s not all. We can also help you create a fully integrated campaign that incorporates other marketing tools in your printed assets. For example, personal URLs (PURLs) and QR codes can be used as part of a call to action to improve engagement and reinforce your message across channels.

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