Kitting and Hand Assembly 

Kitting and hand assembly are growing increasingly important as companies recognize the opportunities they present to leave a lasting impression on customers and partners.

The challenge is finding a provider who can differentiate your company’s orders while maintaining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness that is associated with kitting and hand assembly services.

Create a lasting impression while saving time and money

We understand that for many companies the customer experience is limited to what happens in the customers’ home. From the time it takes for an order to arrive, to the presentation of the items inside the box, to the little extras—like thank you notes or product samples—all of it impacts the customer experience. We make sure that everything comes together to provide the experience you want to deliver.

We provide kitting and hand assembly services for clients throughout the U.S. and distribute items anywhere in the world according to a schedule or on-demand. We provide both on-demand kitting and assembly services, as well as pre-assembly services in which our packaging team compiles individual products into ready-to-ship sets. All items and pre-assembled kits are stored in our climate-controlled warehouse until it’s time to process an order on your behalf.

Customized for your products

The Brooks Litho & Digital Group packaging team provides kitting and hand assembly services for a variety of products, including promotional materials, media kits, product samples and instructions, CDs and DVDs, display and demo materials, and more. Our kitting services include package design and engineering. We can create custom packaging for your product and source the materials you need to ensure its protection, such as shrink wrap, bubble-mailers and blister packs. Our team will also individually wrap fragile or breakable items that require extra protection to ensure their safe arrival.

We take special care to ensure that every set is accurately assembled and that orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. We handle the entire fulfillment process, freeing you to focus on other areas of the business. However, we know that visibility is important. Clients using our kitting and hand assembly services have access to our inventory management system, where they have real-time access to inventory levels and reporting. You get all the information you need, while delivering a unique customer experience without laying a single finger on a package.

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