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Direct Mail Marketing: Does it Still Work?

For decades, marketers have used direct mail to capture attention and generate sales. But once the Internet revolution hit, dozens of new marketing channels emerged, and left many wondering about the relevance of direct mail marketing. Does it still work?

Consider this. Studies show about 98 percent of consumers pick up mail on the same day of delivery – and 77 percent open and sort the mail immediately. This means that direct mail is still getting read. But what about email marketing? How does it stack up?

Unlike direct marketing, email marketing runs into trouble getting through servers and spam blockers. If the message gets through, it has a 10 percent average open rate. In contrast, variable data printing used in conjunction with direct mail has the ability to increase your ROI even higher. But this isn’t the only advantage of direct mail marketing.

Standing Out

Today, there’s no shortage of marketing options. This means, fewer direct mail pieces are ending up in consumers’ mail boxes. For companies that choose direct mail, it’s easier to stand out with less competition vying for your prospect’s attention.

With new advances in technology, you can also personalize direct mail pieces to individual consumer interests and needs. It’s easy to delete an email, but most people will set an interesting and relevant direct mail piece aside, and revisit it later.  This drives even higher response rates.

Drives Online Sales

A study commissioned by Exact Target found that 76 percent of Internet users are directly influenced to purchase an item or service due to a direct mail piece. Shoppers who receive direct mail also spend an average of 14 percent more online, when compared to consumers who didn’t receive the printed piece.

Even more impressive, printed catalogs associated with online sites are shown to increase online spending by 28 percent.

Measurable Results

With direct mail, you can easily test a campaign. A small mailing can be sent that includes a special offer, unique phone number, a QR Barcode, or other tracking device, making it easy to calculate your ROI. If the campaign is successful, you can quickly generate a larger list and mailing – and replicate the results.

So despite the noise and rumors about the future of direct mail, this form of advertising is still very relevant, and highly successful. If you need assistance with a direct mail campaign or have questions, simply contact us through our website , or call (631) 789-4500 today!