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Benny Award

In every industry there has to be a standard of excellence set so that those striving to succeed are able to measure themselves against their competition. That is why in 2012, we at Brooks Litho, were overjoyed to learn and later announce that we had won the nationally recognized printing industry award known as the Benny.

What Is The Benny?

The Benny Awards are an award ceremony put on by the Printing Industries of America.  It has been in existence for over 60 years and is the graphic arts industry’s most recognized printing competition, with over 2,800 entries submitted. The organization hosts the nationwide award that ultimately crowns the most deserving companies and their subsequent products. It is the most prestigious award you can achieve in our industry; it is the Oscars of the printing industry and we are proud to have been selected.

Our Benny

We won our Benny in 2012 for a piece we crafted for Canon USA’s printer division. We were selected for the highest honor a printer can achieve in the competition—Best In Category, which simply means out of all the pieces submitted by printers throughout the world, our piece was the best.  It doesn’t get much better than that and we are extremely proud of our accomplishment.  Knowing what went into producing this piece—the special techniques that were used throughout the entire brochure, it made perfect sense why we were selected to receive our Benny.

The cover itself was a striking example of what is possible when creativity and technology collaborate in a cooperative environment.  The cover was the product of a creative idea which originated with Canon’s Creative Agency and the technological expertise of our highly trained craftsmen and technicians that transformed the idea into a reality.  The cover had the look of a leather material, yet was only a simulation made possible through a special prepress technique, combined with special coatings and ink.  The final look and touch was achieved after countless hours of testing and experimentation, but was ultimately worth it in the end.  We later learned that a number of Canon executives commented that is was one of the most prestigious pieces they had ever seen.  “Those comments alone, along with knowing that hundreds of companies throughout the world enter The Premier Print Awards Competition, makes winning a Benny very special.” – Lisa Brooks

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