Strategic Marketing

Customer tolerance for irrelevant marketing communications is waning

You can no longer blast your customer database with generic email or direct mail pieces and expect to achieve a return on your marketing investment. Eventually, generic messaging will damage your brand and drive customers to opt out of your list. Fortunately, there is a better way: strategic marketing.

Strategic marketing is data-driven marketing

It involves identifying the trends in your data and the targeted marketing opportunities that will increase customer engagement and lead to sales. Strategic marketing is about understanding your customers’ communication preferences, and their needs and interests. Put simply, strategic marketing is about giving customers the offers or information they care about and are therefore more likely to act on.

Customer data is key to strategic marketing. But while customers are willing to share their personal information, companies don’t always use it to their advantage. At Brooks Litho & Digital Group, our strategic marketing team can help you get more out of your customer data. We can help you segment your database or purchased prospecting list and create highly targeted campaigns designed to engage each audience.

We can create a variety of compelling and personalized assets, including:

  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Text/SMS
  • Landing pages
  • Personal URLs
  • QR codes
  • Mircosites
  • Social media messages
  • And more

A strategic marketing campaign doesn’t end when all the assets are delivered

The data generated throughout your campaign should be leveraged to optimize the current as well as future campaigns. As data becomes available, the Brooks Litho strategic marketing team analyzes it to fine-tune your campaign and further increase your response rate. This helps reduce your overall costs and increase your ROI.

The days of blasting every database and every channel with the same marketing message are over. Strategic marketing, while more intricate, is a more effective way to communicate your message. Let the strategic marketing team at Brooks Litho & Digital Group help you create a targeted campaign that delivers results.

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