Mailing Services

With so many print and marketing tasks to accomplish, it seems there’s never enough time, people or money to do it all.

Outsourcing your mailing projects to Brooks Litho & Digital Group will help free up your valuable resources to focus on strategic business opportunities. We save you time and money while improving the deliverability of your print marketing assets.

At Brooks Litho & Digital Group we provide a variety of Mailing Services to help businesses reduce mailing costs. We professionally prepare and mail print marketing materials such as letters, postcards, periodicals and packages. In addition, we reduce preparation time for pre-printed and large mailings with automated technology for addressing, folding, inserting and sorting.

Our Mailing Services also include the following:

  • Mailing list rental
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Address standardization and verification
  • Change of address database matching
  • Postal pre-sorting
  • Preparation of bulk-rate, first-class and periodicals mailings
  • Business Reply Mail

Complex postal regulations can make it difficult to maximize your deliverability and cost efficiency. Something as simple as a fold in the wrong direction can make the difference between automated and non-automated USPS rates. Our Mailing Services professionals undergo the Mail Design Professional Course and Certification every two years to ensure that every piece we create adheres to postal regulations and has the best chance of getting to its intended recipient. We help you early in your project planning stages to advise you on the most effective ways to reduce postage and processing expenses by creating assets that meet USPS design specifications. Items that cannot be processed as part of our automated workflow due to postal regulations are hand processed. We can also serve as a liaison to the USPS on your behalf.

List cleansing (address standardization and verification) ensures your data is as up-to-date as possible. We run your customer database through the national change of address database to ensure recipients’ mail addresses are accurate and written correctly. We can also tell you if a recipient moves or goes out of business, and no other tenant occupies the address.

Your print marketing assets don’t do anyone any good sitting on a shelf

But there are far more effective tasks your business-savvy staff can be doing than pre-sorting or stamping envelopes. With Mailing Services from Brooks Litho & Digital Group, you can reduce the cost of delivering print assets to their intended recipients while maximizing your print marketing investment.

To learn more about our Mailing Services, call us today at (631) 789-4500 or contact us online for more information or an estimate.