Print Collateral Management

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of print collateral management—that is, until your people can’t find the materials they need, existing assets are outdated, or—worse—you discover inconsistencies that lead to branding- and regulatory-compliance violations.

Print collateral management becomes even more critical when companies undergo rapid growth, and you need to control your print inventory and budget.

Print collateral management, also known as web to print, centralizes control and management of print assets. You get the control you need to ensure assets comply with brand and regulatory requirements, and field personnel get the flexibility to personalize and print assets on demand. All of this is achieved through a branded web portal.

Save time and reduce costs

Our experts design, build, host and manage your branded portal with automated print and delivery capabilities to streamline the approval, procurement and distribution processes. You control who has access to print inventory, which text and graphic elements are customizable, and print quantities.

The portal’s user-friendly interface makes ordering and customizing prints easy. Users can log into the self-service portal from any web browser. A simple interface allows users to localize or personalize content and imagery to improve customer engagement. Items are quickly printed and delivered, or downloaded via PDF. There’s no need to go through lengthy approval processes or to print extras ‘just in case.’ Built-in controls ensure that every piece meets your brand and regulatory guidelines, making it easier for everyone to get the high-quality print assets they need in a timely manner.

Retain control over your budget and track the return on your investment

A detailed history of all orders by user allows you to see how and where assets are being used. You can more accurately maintain inventory levels and eliminate back orders to reduce your total cost of business communications.

Our print collateral management services are ideal for storing and managing a variety of materials, including marketing collateral, sales literature, training and operational materials. Through the portal you can prepare, print, warehouse and distribute these printed documents on-demand. If you’d like to learn more, call us today at (631) 789-4500 or contact us online.