Warehousing and Storage

Storing Print Assets Can Be A Challenge For Many Companies.

If you’re undergoing rapid growth, have maxed out your existing office space, or pay a premium for real estate, chances are you don’t have enough space. The myriad print items and supplies you’ve invested in are piled in a closet, and it’s nearly impossible to find what you need when you need it.

Warehousing and storage services from Brooks Litho & Digital Group can help. Storing your printed materials and office supplies in our warehouse helps free up your existing space while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your assets.

We can handle any volume of items

No quantity is too large or too small. We can store and warehouse documents, printed materials, or supplies, enabling you to consolidate all of your assets in one location. In addition to documents, we can store cartons, marketing, exhibition, and promotional items.

Our climate-controlled warehouse is a secure facility designed to protect your investments until you need them. We ship on-demand around the world for our clients. Orders can be fulfilled by carton, pallet, truckload, or overseas container. In addition, our logistics team can also help you manage delivery for events, ensuring your collateral arrives on time to conferences, trade shows and meetings.

Warehousing and storage services from Brooks Litho & Digital Group are cost-effective options for companies that value their space, as well as their investments. If you’d like to learn more, call us today at (631) 789-4500 or contact us online.