Print assets and marketing collateral don’t deliver value if they’re collecting dust on a shelf or sitting in the back of a storage closet.

You only get a return on your investment if these materials are delivered to their intended recipients. Outsourcing storage and fulfillment to Brooks Litho & Digital Group frees up your staff to focus on the business while ensuring that your messaging and other materials arrive when and where they’re needed.

At Brooks Litho & Digital Group, we believe Fulfillment is an opportunity to leave a good impression and differentiate your business. We store your materials in a secure, climate-controlled facility to protect their integrity and the confidentiality of your data. We also securely package items and ship them in a timely manner. Whether it’s through kitting and hand assembly or order fulfillment, we can help you create product packaging that leaves a lasting impression.

Learn more about our fulfillment services:

Warehousing and Storage
Save valuable office space by storing your print materials and other office items in our climate-controlled storage warehouse. We can handle any volume of items—no quantity is too large or too small.

Print Collateral Management
Get your print spending and inventory under control. Our Print Collateral Management services give you the visibility you need to comply with brand and regulatory requirements, and stay on budget.

Kitting and Hand Assembly
We have the flexibility and capacity to handle your most challenging projects. Our packaging team provides both on-demand kitting and pre-assembly services for a variety of products.

Distribution and Order Fulfillment
Eliminate the administrative burden of processing and shipping orders. We fulfill, distribute and ship orders both nationally and internationally on your behalf.